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Master Gardeners of San Mateo & San Francisco Counties

SF Educational Garden Tour - September 2014


September 2014 in San Francisco 
Inspiration and advice for creating
attractive, sustainable, water-wise gardens

The Gardens:

The five home gardens featured on the tour all showed different interpretations of healthy, water-wise gardening.

One garden follows the principles of permaculture.  Here you can see a charming front garden using California native plants, with a back yard that includes wide variety of native grasses and shrubs and a natural storm water management system for a truly wildlife friendly garden.


Garden #2
A second demonstrates a modern interpretation of water wise landscaping.  Here the front yard features grasses and bamboo while the back yard is dominated by three towering oak trees.  Come hear the pros and cons of using artificial turf and the successes and challenges of a rooftop succulent garden.


A third garden is a lesson in “hardscape”, the walls and walks throughout a garden.  See how existing materials were creatively reused on the site and hear about the use of permeable path and patio materials that allow rain water to percolate into the soil to recharge our ground water.


Yucca & Campanula
A fourth is a garden where every plant has a story.  Here is a collection of edible plants, bold succulents and ornamentals that come together into an unusual and delightful home garden.  Come hear how many of these unique varieties were rescued, gifted, pinched, rooted and sometimes bought, to featue in this garden.


Nancy's Beehive
Our final garden is a suburban farm--a beautiful home garden in Atherton with lessons galore for the home gardener.  At this home, the backyard “farm” keeps family and friends in fresh and preserved food throughout the year.  Around every corner is a lesson in sustainable gardening—the water-wise front garden, the greenhouse for propagating plants, the beehives,  the wide range of fruit, vegetables and herbs, garden art from recycled materials, and more.



You can learn more about sustainable, water-wise gardening on our Resources page.

Proceeds help finance the educational activities of the San Mateo/San Francisco Master Gardener program.  Master Gardeners  are a part of University of California Cooperative Extension.  We are UC-trained volunteers who provide home gardeners with research-based information that promotes sustainable gardening practices and a healthy environment.

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